Amenity & Lifestyle Programming Services

We understand that your community is much more than just the houses and physical structures that are built in it. The true strength of a community is measured by the lifestyle that itrepresents. For many years, we have made our reputation based on bringing resort-style programming to residential communities and thus enhancing life values and real estate values. We are always excited to find a community partner who shares our values of family, lifestyle, and environmental responsibility, and who allows us to expand beyond merely managing their property and facilities.

We can offer solutions and programming that:

  • Promotes resort living right in your primary home community.
  • Plans, promotes, and generates enthusiasm and interest for the community’s diverse social programs.
  • Embraces environmental initiatives and encourages volunteerism.
  • Initiates and reviews programs to provide members with a variety of popular events.
  • Arranges classes for members on a wide range of topics and creates signature events.
  • Maintains visibility in the community with retailers, artists, entertainers, etc., to use these resources for the benefit of community and its residents.
  • Works closely with the community leadership to insure that complete, concise information is always available to the residents via newsletters, websites and social networking.
  • Oversees the maintenance, rental, and use of all recreational facilities and equipment.
  • Coordinates programs for fitness and the promotion of health and wellness.
  • Coordinates the sales, marketing and membership relations programs to promote the Club’s services and facilities to potential and present members.
  • Coordinates development of operating and capital budgets in support of the scheduled events.
  • Ensures the highest standards for food, beverage, sports, recreation, entertainment, and other community events.