Property Supervision Services

  • Maintain extensive approved vendor database of contractors with proven track record.
  • As directed by the Association, authorize and facilitate those activities which are necessary to maintain the property.
  • Coordinate the activities of Association employees required for the operation and maintenance of the property.
  • On behalf of the Association, solicit bids and negotiate contracts for pool management, landscaping, trash removal and other services as necessary and/or advisable.
  • Issue work orders and follow-up by supervising the contractors and periodically monitor community for overall job performance.
  • Respond to homeowner calls for maintenance needs in a timely fashion.
  • Research and document future expense projections for asset reserve planning.
  • Enforcement of Restrictions
    • Regularly inspect the property.
    • Send written notice of violation to homeowner.
    • Coordinate hearings before the Board of Directors
    • Administer fines and action to enforce restrictive covenants.
    • Architectural Review
  • Observe, record and monitor deed restriction violations and contractor performance.
  • Establish, coordinate and provide the administration and secretarial functions of the Architectural Review Committee (ARC), including preparation, review, and approval of architectural applications, correspondence with owners requesting ARC compliance or completion of applications, and all necessary correspondence related to the ARC.


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