Accounting and Financial Services

  •  Assist the Owners Association in the preparation of an annual budget and long term reserve planning.
  • Send notice of assessments to each homeowner and collect payments for deposit.
  • Send monthly past due notices to each delinquent homeowner.
  • Send delinquent letter to homeowner of intent to lien based on Board of Director’s predetermined time frame.
  • Coordinate filing of liens with Association’s attorney.
  • Coordinate foreclosure of lien at the Board of Director’s direction.
  • Administer and monitor bankruptcy collections and lender foreclosures.
  • Coordinate filing of tax return with third party accountant.
  • Maintain checking, savings, and other banking accounts in the name of the Association.
  • Notify Owners of any delinquency and take reasonable action for the collection of the delinquent assessments as determined by the Association.
  • Review all invoices and process all payments for utilities and vendor services.
  • Furnish monthly and year-end financial reports prepared on an accrual basis, which includes all income.
  • Assist in annual audit of the Association.


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